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The election will take place on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at the General Assembly
meeting.   If you wish to submit an optional candidate statement for inclusion
on the GPSC website, please send it to gpsc@duke.edu. All nominees will have 5
minutes to address the General Assembly with 5 minutes allotted for questions.
BOT Elections April 21st
BOT elections will take place next GA on Tuesday April 21 in 0016 Westbrook.
Candidates will get 2 minutes for speeches and 2 minutes for questions.  Send
nominations (of yourself or others) to  yvonne.ford@gmail.com. We will elect 10
students to sit on 6 standing committees of the Duke University Board of
Trustees (BOT).  Any GnP student can run.  The BOT meets 4 times a year and
reps share the GnP perspective with the BOT.  Meetings are typically 2-5pm on
Friday.  More details available at http://gpsc.duke.edu/Image Removed
Duke-Durham Partnership  Sam Miglarese (sam.miglarese@duke.edu)
Duke?s office of Durham and Regional Affairs and Office of Community Affairs
coordinates the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership and is looking for more
GnP student involvement both in volunteering and in enjoying Durham as a
resident.  Interested in helping this office find out about current GnP efforts
or to get more information about how you can get involved?  Contact Sam or visit http://community.duke.eduImage Removed for more information.
Recycling Bin Distribution Pilot Program (liz.bloomhardt@gmail.com )
This is a new program, sponsored by GPSC Green Team, Kemel Dawkins, and Campus
services.  Simply sign up for bin, use them, and recycle the material yourself.
  Check GPSC News for Details.  We hope this program will make administration
aware of GnP students? desire for more green options.
Student Life Announcements:                  Contact mgd4@duke.edu with questions
Spring Formal is coming - Friday April 24th! Tickets are only $15 in advance and
$20 at the door and include 2 drink tickets, 6 hours of music by DJ Bobby Hadzor
and free hors d'oeuvres. Ticket Sales are outlined here: http://gpsc.duke.edu/gpscnews/gpsc_spring_formal_ticket_salesImage Removed
  Community Outreach Announcements:        Contact jennifer.seger@duke.edu with
Cold Stone Ice Cream Fundraiser Wed April 22 7-9pm.  To benefit National
Multiple Sclerosis visit Cold Stone for ice cream.
Sat April 25th 2:30-5:30 Dinner at Durham Rescue Mission Men?s Campus.  Share
a meal with residents and meet other students.
Other Main Actions:
2009-2010 GPSC Budget Accepted.
Basketball Co-Chairs were recognized as officially elected as of April 7th?s
vote that did have quorum.
Policy changes to the Basketball Committee were discussed but not yet voted on.
The vote for this matter was tabled indefinitely.
Please see the minutes available at gpsc.duke.edu for more information on any of
the above.