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Why Nickipedia?

Nickipedia Mission:

  1. Foster a closer-knit Nicholas student community through a student-created information-sharing portal, offering peer-advice on everything from course recommendations to life's details.
  2. Enhancing communication, organization, and planning amongst the Nicholas students and student groups through creative web and wiki tools.
  3. Preserving the advice of Nicholas School students from class year to class year, and serve as a depository of thoughts from alumni.

HOW MANY OF YOU delete clutters of mass email after mass email without even reading them?  If you are a Nicholas student group leader, how many of you know what events other student groups are planning?  How many of you want advice from a student who's taken a particular class, but don't know who to talk to?

At the Nic School, we're busy busy busy -- with school, with activities, and with parties.  We lose things, we want to save gas by ridesharing, and we want to learn about how to live sustainably during our years in Durham.  There's a billion of guest speakers to see, concerts to go to, free food to raid, and cool classes to take.  How to keep track of it all, and save time by picking what's best for you?

These are quandries we wanted to help solve when we created Nickipedia.  Now that we've created it, you must help keep it going.  This is a wiki, and it must have everyone's participation to be "sustainable".

Here are some of the things you can do with Nickipedia:

  • Help advise others on classes and curriculum.  Add class reviews to Course Reviews to tell us about your experience with a class.  Too much workload?  Great prof?  Tools and methods learned?  Actually useful in your current internship or career?  Share your experience.
  • Help your fellow students navigate Duke, Durham, and Beaufort.  Add reviews for housing, eats, and other life's details. 
  • Help reduce mass email clutter.  Use Nickipedia News and Announcements to post lost-and-found info, housing ads, conference announcements, and carpool requests.
  • Help everyone organize their life.  Use the Nickipedia Calendar to post all academic, social, professional, or volunteering events you hear about.  This helps us all visualize and decide which events to attend and which days to avoid conflicts with.
  • Help collaborate and further our joint interests.  Use the Nickipedia Calendar and Student Groups pages to share your upcoming plans or wish list for that big conference or guest speaker.  You know as students, we all draw from the same pot of funding, and we all compete with one another for attention on our own event.  But we can do bigger and better things if we collaborate and seize the multidisciplinary connections amongst our varied environmental interests.  Our school already suffers a low profile on Duke's campus:  if we can't organize amongst ourselves, how are we to spread environmental awareness to the rest of campus and the local community?? 

The Nic School is an awesome place to be and to grow, and you'll meet an unbelievable group of friends and mentors here.  I hope Nickipedia can help make this experience an even better one.


Ben Young Landis, MEM'09