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Saw this in my emails. Might be of interest:

"Greening the Southeast" Regional Summit
April 16-17, 2010
Coastal Georgia Center
305 Fahm Street
Savannah, GA 31401

From the flyer:

Come to Listen! Come to Dialogue!

Farming and Forestry - what are the real green business opportunities for small and limited-resource farmers and landowners and what are the first steps in getting started?
Non-traditional Funding Sources - if the banks and traditional funding sources will not give it to me, where can I go?
Climate Change, Renewable Energy Sources, Food Access and Watersheds - which sustainable agriculture, forestry, and green businesses should form collaboratives that will improve our regional environment and serve as a vehicle to impact policy change?
Successful Grassroots Models - who has the clean energy, climate change and environmental education/training models that are getting results in our region's rural and urban low-income communities?
Green Up Your Campus - what are the first steps necessary for our regional 1890 Land Grants and Historic Black Colleges/Universities to develop green agendas for their institutions and to set forth a plan of action for the regional community?