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  1. Meta-analysis methods 

  2. Social network analyses

    1. SSRI short videos and R code:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj2uWpYsdcM&list=PL1M5TsfDV6Vs7tnHGNgowEUwJW-O8QVp5

    2. Write to Professors James Moody and Craig Rawlings, and ask, “I’m a [grad student / undergrad / research assistant ] in Charlie Nunn’s lab and want to learn more about social network analysis.  What courses or workshops are coming up that I could take part in?”

  3. Phylogenetic comparative analyses

    1. For an introduction, read Nunn (2011), “The Comparative Approach 

    Publishing costs
  4. Accessing data in online databases (mainly MySQL).
    1. Command line vs. GUIs
    2. Structured Query Language (SQL)