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Program Area Representatives (NSSC)

Program Area Reps are student volunteers from each concentration/program area within the Master of Environmental Management Program who serve on the Nicholas School Student Council (NSSC). Two to four students volunteer throughout the year to serve as activity organizers and communication reps for their concentration. Responsibilities include:

  • Organizing and hosting Program Area Socials to encourage peer and faculty dialogue and interaction.
  • Communicating student concerns and ideas to the NSSC or directly to the administration.
  • Organize other professional development activities (e.g., EEP Environmental Institutions seminar series)

Current Reps

Coastal Environmental Management (CEM):

Ecosystem Science and Conservation (ESC):

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health (EEH):

Energy and Environment (EE):

Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP): Catherine Campbell, Katie LaJeunesse, Brandon Little, Brianna Menke

Forest Resource Management (FRM):

Global Environmental Change (GEC):

Water and Air Resources (WAR):

Master of Forestry:

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