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Taxi: Taxis from RDU airport can be reserved and paid for in advance (Charlene's Safe Ride) or else hailed from the curb (RDU Airport Taxi, accepts credit cards in the vehicle). The cost will be approximately $40. If you ask the taxi to take you to Bell Tower on Duke's East Campus, they will know where to go (Important: Make sure you specify East campus and not the main campus, which is West campus). Google Maps recognizes "Bell Tower Residence Hall" if you want to follow along.

Driving: If you are driving, you will park in the lot of an adjacent residence hall. Please see parking information below.


Most participants and instructors will be staying in single, air-conditioned rooms on Duke's East Campus in Bell Tower Residence Hall, the newest and nicest dormitory. Common spaces have refrigerators, microwaves, and stovetops (dish-ware and cooking supplies may or may not be available). A linen package (pillow, sheets and blanket, towels) will be provided, but it is highly suggested that you bring your own pillow. The towels are functional but small. You will also need to bring your own bath supplies (e.g. soap, shampoo, etc). Finally, the air conditioning can make the building very cold. Although there are adjustable thermostats in each room, you might just consider bringing an extra layer or two for when you're inside. (You will not be allowed to open the windows to let warm air enter.)


Workshop parking at NESCent is available in front. The address is 2024 W. Main Street.

Parking on East Campus is available next to Southgate Residence Hall on Duke's East Campus, which is next to the building in which you will be housed. If you are driving, you'll have to enter this parking lot from W Main St. 

Note: This parking is available only for those staying in the residence hall. For dinner the first night on East, others can park nearby, including NESCent, Bull City Market/Whole Foods, or street parking.


If you are arriving from 2pm onward on Wednesday, May 28, come directly to Bell Tower Residence Hall to get your key and linens. A catered dinner (with vegetarian and vegan options) will be provided nearby that evening, so don't worry if you get delayed. If you plan to arrive before 2pm or on Tuesday, you must contact Joel Bray ahead of time to make alternative arrangements.

Below you'll find a map showing the relative locations of the AnthroTree Workshop, Bell Tower Residence Hall, and other places:




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