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EEP Program Advice


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Track Advice

Insert comments on the intent and career applications of this track. Comments/Quotes from Nicholas Alumni are especially valued.

General Advice

Insert comments here on how prospective students should approach registration for this class (hard to get into; sign up early; permission numbers; don't take if you already have heavy load; etc.)

Student Opinions

One thing to be aware of (probably my biggest complaint with the Nic School) -- although there's a "policy analysis" track within the EEP program, there is only one true policy analysis course that MEMs are allowed to take at Duke: Policy Analysis of Development taught through Sanford's PIDP program (offered in the fall).  Even then, you will only get a spot after all of the PIDP students have signed-up (which is usually late in the summer).  Take it with Professor Natalia Mirovitskaya rather than Rosemary Fernholz.  You will probably want to contact Natalia early to get permission.  Not the best class, but it'll give you solid policy analysis tools and you'll also meet a ton of international students with really interesting backgrounds.  The policy analysis classes that MPP students at Sanford take are off-limits to MEMs.

A great opportunity for EEPs is the Environmental Law and Policy Clinic, especially if you want to work with non-profits in the future.  You are typically paired with a law student to work with each of your client (often a local non-profit or citizen group) on a legal or policy issue, and you'll have at least two different clients during the semester.  It's a lot of work (you have to log 100 hours, minimum), but it can be very exciting and maybe your best learning experience at Duke.  Definitely something to talk about in job interviews.  Ryke, the clinic director, is a fantastic  mentor who will give you great one-on-one feedback on a weekly basis.  Highly recommended.

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