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  • ENV 280. Social Science Surveys for Env. Man.
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ENV 280 - Survey Methods

Course Stats

Instructor(s):  Dr. Randall Kramer

Units:  3

Semester Offered:  Spring


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Skills and Career Applications

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  • Survey methods are applicable to many environmental fields, from public opinion and feasibility studies, to contingent valuation studies in developing ecosystem services payment programs.  Many consultant groups and some federal agencies maintain a fully staffed survey research component.
  • This class offers great networking opportunities with potential employers, since groups work with an assigned client and produce a full research report for these NGO's and research institutes.
  • It provides practical, project management experience producing a survey research product for a specific client.  Additionally, you get good, hands-on practice speaking or communicating with the public (not to mention developing some thick skin after the 20th time someone's turned you down or cussed you because they don't want to take your survey...)

Registration Advice

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  • Conceptually, the course material is very approachable and actually quite intellectually stimulating.  However, because the primary assignment revolves around a client-based project involving public-interaction, ENV 280 is a lot of busy work.  Rewarding, but very busy.  You do work in a group however, which makes for interesting scheduling, but good division of labor. 

Student Opinions

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  • This course gave me a solid understanding of a marketable skill.  

The Instructor's Take...

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