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Car Rental & Car Share

For those who don't own a car, and want to rent one for the entire weekend-- this is a great option!


Zipcar provides Duke students, faculty and staff with a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around - whether it's running errands, driving around campus or taking a road trip. The Zipcar fleet at Duke includes two Toyota Prius and two Toyota Matrix. The cars are parked at the West Campus Quad (by the Chapel) and in the surface lot near the Bryan Center parking garage. The cost is $8 per hour or $66 per day, which includes fuel and insurance. Cars may be driven up to 180 miles per day (each additional mile is 45 cents). There's a one-hour minimum and four day maximum for reservations.

To reserve a car, you must meet the eligibility requirements and join Zipcar using a debit or credit card to pay the annual membership fee of $35 for individuals (which is applied as a credit toward reservations in your first month). Members age 18 to 20 can only reserve Zipcars assigned to the Duke campus; members 21 and older have access to Zipcar's network of more than 5,500 vehicles throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Go here for more info and to register as a student at Duke.


For whatever odd reason, the closest Enterprise to Duke does not open on Sundays-- thus, they offer 50% off for weekend rates. I've done this and rented a car for the entire weekend (Friday-Monday) for around $60. It's best to have a credit card that offers rental car insurance (and check up on that coverage) so that you don't end up adding insurance to the cost. On top of that, they will pick you up and drop you off.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 3616 Hillsborough Rd, 919-309-1030

Thrifty Car Rental

If you are living south of campus, another cheap option is Thrifty Car Rental at 2804 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd (919-688-1147).  I have gotten very cheap weekend deals there, although it is sometimes hard to get a small efficient car even if you reserve the "economy" size online.