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Duke Student Health Center



Duke Student Health Services and the Student Health Center (681-WELL) are jointly run by the Department of Pediatrics and Student Affairs. The Duke Student Health Clinic, Student Health Physical Therapy, Student Travel Clinic, and Office of Health Promotion are located in the Duke Student Health Center on Flowers Drive. An additional site for medical care is the East Campus Wellness Clinic. Medical services are provided by board-certified faculty physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and nurses aids. Resident physicians, under faculty supervision, also provide care at the Student Health Center. There is a pharmacy and a lab (for blood tests) right in the Student Health Center.  The health fee you pay each year (in addition to your health insurance) covers visits to the Student Health Center among other common things, but visits to a specialist and other services are put through your outside health insurance program.  Appointments can be made online and a ton more information is available at the Student Health Center website.

Additional Info

Great for general check-ups, when you have a cold/flu, etc. However, in terms of the pharmacy there, it is extremely expensive. I paid close to $50 for five pills that my housemate also purchased at Rite-Aid for $15 (we both had the same insurance as well). Bottom line: from my own experience and in other conversations with students, you'll save by going to pharmacies off campus.

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