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Hi All,

My friend, Grace, lives in a co-op in Berkeley and she's looking to fill a room.  You can either rent for the summer or be a permanent resident.  Also, the coop is near Rockridge BART, Transbay Bus, and Casual Carpool.  (Woot woot!  Public transportation!!)  Central location for getting around Berkeley and Oakland.  You can also commute to SF from the house.  Living in the East Bay is an affordable alternative to living in SF.

You can find more info about the co-op below.  Feel free to ask me questions about the area.  (smile)

Later gator,

Carmen - cy45


SUBLETTING FOR THE SUMMER  (Info about living there permanently is below...scroll down more!)

From: "lorraine_affourtit at yahoo dot com"
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 6:02:24 PM
Subject: Summer Sublet in Bus-Stop Co-op

Hello friends:

I bought the ticket, I'm going. Heading out to Guatemala for the summer to polish up my Spanish. I will be gone from June 15 - August 15 and I'm looking for a subletter for my co-op room. Please send this out to friends who might be looking for a sublet, who'd like to live in a co-op for the summer, or who might know someone else who would.

Bus-Stop Co-op houses 8 adults - some students, some professionals, all cool people.


$455/ mo. rent

$140/mo. communal food costs (covers most of food needs, only get extra stuff if you like fancy packaged goods or whatnot)

approx. $50 or less/mo. utilities

responsible for: raking leaves in back yard; sweeping/ mopping back (music) room; bi-weekly house meetings; cooking dinner with a partner 1 night/week; shopping (probably twice during your time here) with a partner for the house

amazing garden, beautiful house with lots of communal areas, hot tub in back yard, lovely & safe neighborhood close to UC Berkeley, lots of great restaurants, hiking, and shopping; great roommates, delicious house dinners Mon - Thurs night.

Please email me directly if you are interested. I won't be taking a deposit but I'd like it if the subletter would  pay the 2 months rent up front.

Thanks for passing this on!




The Bus Stop Coop, a Berkeley vegetarian cooperative, will have one opening for June 1.

Our household has eight residents with a diversity of creative talents, ages, and backgrounds. The average age in the house is 30. We share chores, buy groceries, and enjoy weekday meals together. As a vegetarian coop, we do not cook or eat meat in the house. To facilitate good communication and cleanliness, we have a two hour meeting every other week. We have a three-story house with a spacious kitchen, a backyard with a vegetable garden and fruit trees, a bike garage, hot tub, and several common rooms. We are looking for someone who has time to actively and consistently contribute to a community. Sorry, we neither have nor accept pets.

Rent is $480 (not including utilities or food). The security deposit is $425.

Interested? Please reply to greysma@yahoo.com with the following info

1) Profession/passion
2) Age
3) Why you want to live in a coop
4) Why you are leaving your place
5) What you would add to our cooperative
6) What you do in your free time
7) Weeknights when you can interview
8) Phone #

Thanks for your interest!