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Hi MEM-ers

Just wanted to plant the seed that the Nicholas School will need new GPSC (Grad/Professional Student Council) representatives to attend meetings next year (even over the summer if possible/interested)!  Nicholas School currently has 3 spots on the Council!  Fill them please! 

Ask myself, Jen Snook or Katy Sater about what it's been like.  As for the time commitment it requires...typically you attend a GPSC meeting (dinner provided) once or (if needed ) twice a month.  You can join another campus committee and should attend those meetings; also, it helps if you make the Nich School Student Council meetings (if possible) to keep them in the know if you aren't already a NSSC point person.  After each GA meeting, you pass on the GA meeting minutes/ GPSC News announcements as they are sent out by the GA to you for your constituents.  Lastly, and to keep Nikipedia active and up-to-date, social events/talks/announcements should also be added to the calendar for everyone before the events happen....instead of filling email boxes (apologies that this didn't happen this semester) Hopefully everyone opened GPSC news =)

 It's a great way to be a Duke community member, voice your department's concerns to the GA, be a resource for and to your fellow students, and be the first person to know about issues (such as health care) that come up for graduate students across the board.  Check out the GA website if you've never been!