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Project StreamSystems


Project Summary Section


GFA is the company that developed the Library Archival Solutions (LAS) software that the Library Service Center uses to manage its work. We have been using this software for more than 10 years, and the last upgrade was in 2013. GFA/LAS is running on a server using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 which is an operating system that is no longer supported. GFA handles data back-up but we do not have a fail-over plan or server in case of failure of the production server. Failure of this server would be catastrophic for the libraries.

LAS is software that uses a command line interface and we have a limit of 20 users at a time. The libraries do not have direct access to the data and reports must be run using the command-line interface.

CaiaSoft is a company started by two former employees of GFA. They have designed a web-based application that improves upon the LAS software. Because they're familiar with the LAS software, they have designed a system that allows easy import and mapping of the LAS data, workflows tailored to a library storage facility, better tracking of items, and management of the available space. It is available in a software as a service model that frees the libraries from running our own server and the maintenance that is required.

We need to have a modern system with a user-friendly interface. We need to have pre-designed reports that can be run easily by any user as well as direct access to our data. CaiaSoft offers solutions to those needs and others.


  • Find an operational system that is up-to-date, supported and will be maintained by the vendor (CaiaSoft)
  • Find a system that allows library staff to make changes to items as needed (without relying on the vendor)
  • Take time during the investigative phase to engage in gap analysis
  • Document and review existing workflows in light of CaiaSoft's features (to eliminated outdated workflows)
  • Implement CaiaSoft with future FOLIO integration in mind.

Feature Comparison - CAIASoft vs GFA

User ExperienceUp-to-date GUI providing an efficient user experienceOutdated Text-based interface
Available License SeatsUnlimited seatsLimited Seats;
Multiple SSH session attempts is often problematic
Software as a Service (Saas)YesNo
Shibboleth Integration (Security)YesNo
Stats AnalysisReports are available to interested parties using GUIStatistics available, but reports have to be compiled separately
Item-Level Information


  • Flags (security-related)
  • Bibliographic data
WorkflowSupports efficient, logical workflow for LSC staff.Manual intervention is often needed, leading to potential "human error" and resulting in lost time.
AuditingYes - audit menu available in web GUI interfaceNo
Software Support/
Feature Development
Continuous support and developmentYes, additional fees apply
FOLIO IntegrationIn active developmentNo

Rationale and strategic fit

The Library Service Center is an integral part of the day-to-day work of the libraries. It allows access to the materials stored there to staff and patrons of Duke as well as the other TRLN libraries.  Additionally, the LSC and its software is integral to the management of jointly-owned collections, as well as collections owned by other institutions.


  • LSC management - sponsor
  • LSC staff – functional owner
  • LSIS staff – technical owner
  • Collections staff – stakeholder
  • Tech Services staff – stakeholder
  • Professional School Libraries staff - stakeholder
  • Access and Delivery Services staff - stakeholder
  • UNC library staff - stakeholder

Stop here until requested to continue to Project Charter Section


Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:


Project Charter Section


#TitleUser StoryImportanceNotes
1Integrate with Libraries' Requests ApplicationAs a patron I place a request through the discovery interface.Must Have
2Integrate with Libraries' ALEPH instance
Must Have
3Integrate with Libraries AEON instance

As Rubenstein Public Services users, we need CaiaSoft to update AEON when an item has been (but not limited to):

  • Placed "in transit"
  • Pulled for delivery
Must Have

Additional User Stories are available in Basecamp:

(Note: a login may be required)


  • Data migration from LAS software to CaiaSoft
  • Configuration of CaiaSoft.
  • Integration of CaiaSoft with Request App, Aleph/FOLIO, AEON
  • Training for staff
  • Testing of software and configurations
  • Testing of reports
  • Shut-down of LAS server.
  • Documentation and improved processes (additional reports, etc)

Desired Schedule

A 12-week project is proposed. Detailed schedule is described in the TIMELINE section below.

Completion Criteria

This project would be complete when all data is migrated, staff are using CaiaSoft as the primary software and the LAS server can be shut down.

  • Full data migration from GFA to CaiaSoft
  • Completion of staff training
  • LAS server shut down
  • Workflow Documentation created


Integrations with systems listed above.

Collaboration and Communication Strategy

Collaboration / Meeting Frequency

Weekly 9AM meetings/check-in sessions, beginning Monday, October 14, 2019 in Bostock 039 with ZOOM option.

Communication Strategy

Project Manager will provide communication as follows:

  • Team - Basecamp will be used to communicate meeting minutes, testing notes, etc.
  • Stakeholders - Stakeholders will receive a brief weekly (or monthly?) email communication
  • Library - Project Manager will be available to announce updates at First Wednesday and Open Forum events, and will provide weekly updates using email.


ResourcesAvailability of Human Resources
ScheduleLilly Move timeline, Aleph update
BudgetCaiaSoft yearly fees are double GFA's fees. Initial set-up of CaiaSoft is additional cost.
TechnologyPerl knowledge; ALEPH knowledge; Wifi, New Scan Guns.

Project Team

Derrek CroneyProject ManagerProvide direction for GFA-to-CaiaSoft migration; Perform initial data migration; Schedule/facilitate sprints.
Johnny ShanahanFunctional OwnerProduct Owner
Jessica JaneckiStakeholder
Leeda AdkinsStakeholder
Jeff FlemingDeveloperEnsure all potentially affected scripts (Perl) are modified to allow communication with CaiaSoft.
Kelli StephensonStakeholderstill needed?
Lucy VanderkampStakeholderProvide end-user feedback, systems testing
Josh Larkin-RowleyStakeholderProvide end-user feedback, systems testing
Andrea LoigmanStakeholder
Jacquie SamplesStakeholder


Project MilestonesEstimated Start DateEstimated Completion Date
Start of projectAgreement Acceptance
Initial Data Migration from GFA to CaiaSoft.Week 1
Integrations with other systemsWeek 2Week 8
Verification of working "Testing" (or "Staging") environmentWeek 2
Testing/Accessibility TestingWeek 3Week 8
End-user TrainingWeek 8Week 12
End of Project
End of month 3




Project Maintenance Plan