DUL’s Digital Preservation and Publishing Program (DP3) seeks to address the changing digital scholarly preservation and publishing needs of our community. EG established this program to help focus DUL efforts in three of the directions identified in our strategic plan:

  • to create platforms for scholarly engagement
  • to transform the information ecosystem
  • to partner in research

The program is composed of 3 cross-divisional teams separately charged with governance, implementation and user focus (team members are listed below). The complete program charge is available here: bit.ly/DP3-charge.

This wiki space includes DUL staff documentation, meeting notes and more created by the DP3 program. Use the links below to browse:

DP3 resources for DUL staff only (not the general public) are also available (login with your netid/password).

  • These resources include system details such as inventories and sustainability plans that are specific to Duke University Libraries (DUL). 
  • If you are not part of DUL and would like access to these resources, please contact Molly Bragg or Emily Daly (contact info located in DUL staff directory). 

DP3 Governance (DP3G) group members:

  • Dave Hansen
  • Dracine Hodges
  • Tim McGeary
  • Naomi Nelson
  • Josh Sosin
  • Molly Bragg
  • Emily Daly

DP3 Implementation (DP3I) team members:

  • Molly Bragg, lead
  • Maggie Dickson
  • Matthew Farrell
  • Shadae Gatlin
  • John Pormann
  • Will Sexton
  • Natalie Sommerville

DP3 User Focus (DP3U) team members:

  • Emily Daly, lead
  • Jennifer Darragh
  • Moira Downey 
  • Elena Feinstein
  • Valerie Gillispie
  • Heidi Madden
  • Paolo Mangiafico
  • Liz Milewicz

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