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Welcome to the information portal for the first annual Nicholas Back to School Camping Trip!

First and foremost - please RSVP to the event by filling out this reservation form.  RSVPs are due by Friday, July 31st to reserve your spot.

Details about the trip:

What: The Back to School Camping Trip is a brand new component of the incoming student orientation at the Nicholas School.  The week before orientation begins, all incoming and returning students are invited to camp out in Duke Forest for a night of games, delicious local food, and an opportunity for all students to get to know each other.  On Saturday morning, participants can partake in a field skills workshop of their choice, and afterward students will be invited for a hike/swim at Eno River State Park.

When: The camping trip is scheduled for the Friday and Saturday BEFORE the Nicholas School New Student Orientation.  Activities will begin at 4:30pm on Friday and end at 2pm on Saturday (August 14-15)

Where: The Camp Site is located at Troy Couch Farm in Duke Forest, only a few miles from campus.

Why: To provide all new and returning students with an opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills, and to get to know the great North Carolina wilderness.

Who: Open to all incoming and returning students.

Question?  Comments?  Concerns?  Email Meg Giuliano at meg35@duke.edu