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Instructional Computer Lab (ICL) - Room A153. Open to students only when there are no classes scheduled in the room; black/white printers only. This is the lab to work on group projects because it is okay to talk here, but please take long phone calls outside the room.

Annex/Group Project Lab - Room A152. Always open, but number of available computers is minimal; scanner access. Also, this is a talking lab.

Advanced Computer Lab (ACL) - On the third floor. Always open to students, black/white and color printer available. This is a silent lab. No talking, no cell phone rings, don't answer your phone. Please be respectful or don't be surprised if someone asks you to stop.

*To report problems with the printers or a computer, email it@env.duke.edu.*

Please practice responsible paper consumption and wise use of resources! Print two-sided whenever possible. If you are printing from a web site, use the "Print Preview" option under the File menu to ensure that the last page printed contains more than the (usually useless) footer of the web.

E-mail - E-mail can be checked using the Internet sites:



List-serves - The Nicholas School Student Council maintains the NicDig, a digest for all students, faculty and staff. To send a message to the listserve (regarding an event or announcement), please email nsscdigest@gmail.com.

Wireless access: If you have a laptop and a wireless card, you can access the internet from almost any building on campus. However, you need to register your card with the Office of Information Technology. Look for their number on the Duke University Website. You will also be prompted to register the first time you try accessing the internet. If you go to other schools or buildings on campus don't be surprised to have to do the quick online registration there as well.

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