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Bursars Office (AllenBuilding)
ACES, http://www.duke.edu/students.html


Cindy Peters and Erika Lovelace

Office of Enrollment Services (LSRC A142) 

Registrar Office (AllenBuilding)
ACES, http://www.duke.edu/students.html


Donna Brown (LSRC A245)

Adding Money to FlexCard

Duke Card Office (WestCampusUnionBuilding)
Online at the Duke Card Website 

Lost Duke Card?

Call the Card Office, and 24 hrs a day, you can replace it for $10.

Lost & Found:

In the LSRC there is a lost & found in a wooden locker on the first floor of the
building.  If you've lost something quite valuable, sometimes people drop found
valuables off for safe keeping in a nearby office or with Anne Davis Jones in the dean's office.

Reserving a Room

For most LSRC rooms, use your Exchange scheduler website to reserve:
For Love Auditorium and other rooms around campus, use the Campus Website:

Career or Internship Advice

Karen Kirchof, Glenda Lee, or Saskia Clay-Rooks 
Career Services (LSRC A108)

Media Resources and Website Updates

Requests to update Nicholas Websites
Stephanie Thirolle
Permission to use Logos
Scottee Cantrell, Dean's Office (LSRC A246)

Unsure Where to Go?

Erika Lovelace or anyone in the NicholasSchool! 

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