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I have a full sized matress that's 2 years old and clean.  I bought it when I moved down to duke in 07, now Im gradumacted and don't want to return to durham to get it. I bought it for about 370 if i remember correctly but would be willing to part with it for $250. Frame included.

I also have a desk and bookshelf avaialable.  The desk is 4 years old, purchased a target.  It is large enough for my desktop computer (48"X28" rough estimate), and can be dissassembled pretty easy for transportation.  It is free to whoever wants it.  Same with the bookshelf.  Its about 2.5 ft tall, 3.5 feet wide, has 3 shelves, not heavy, and free.  At least come check the stuff out, its only 5 minutes from west campus.  Call 203-494-2611, or  Email Me

Josh Unghire

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  1. Anonymous


    I'm a new MEM/MF and I'm very interested. I'll call you in a few hours.


    Josh Strauss