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The Pathways program of Duke Chapel is offering a special group for students, grad and undergrad, who are interested in exploring the relationship of faith and ecology, especially as these two interface with the ecological crisis and environmental careers. This informal group will discuss how religious and spiritual values may inform, inspire, and motivate attitudes and behaviors in relation to the natural world, with a view toward helping students discern their own sense of "calling" or vocation to care for the earth. No particular religious background is assumed or required, nor do the participants have to be pursuing environmental studies. We will begin during the second week of September, meeting on a schedule to be determined by the participants. The group will be facilitated by Dr. Ted Purcell, a campus minister who teaches a spring class on Spirituality & Ecology at the Nicholas School of the Environment.

For more information or to indicate your interest, please email him
tedlpurcell@aol.com <tedlpurcell@aol.com>) or call (490-6401).