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DukeFish, a student group in Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment, is proud to launch Walking Fish CSF, a community-supported fishery - the first of its kind in the southeastern United States.

A CSF is similar to a community-supported agriculture (CSA), except it delivers seafood instead of vegetables. Similar to a CSA, our members pre-pay for a weekly 'share' of fresh, locally harvested seafood over a 12-week 'season'. Just as CSAs can encourage sustainable and profitable farming practices, CSFs have the potential to do the same for fishing.

Walking Fish CSF will begin deliveries through its pilot project in September. We will provide an assortment of fresh, high-quality seafood, including species like summer flounder, triggerfish, spot, black drum, and hard clams. Our seafood will showcase the diversity and flavor of North Carolina's fisheries while providing a framework for discussing issues, challenges, and opportunities facing North Carolina's local fisheries.

Many share options are available based on quantity, frequency of delivery, and the amount of preparation. The first CSF pick-up will occur on Thursday, September 17th, between 4:00-6:00 pm at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens main parking lot. (Please note: this is a different day of the week than the Mobile Market CSA pick up.)

For a more information on share options and a full delivery schedule, or to sign up for Walking Fish CSF, visit www.walking-fish.org

Currently, U.S. fishermen face a variety of challenges including environmental change, aging fish processing infrastructure, unstable costs, and competition from foreign imports. By joining Walking Fish CSF, you can help support North Carolina's local fishermen and encourage ecological stewardship of our fisheries and oceans.

To learn more about our mission and goals, or to find recipes, species history, and fishermen profiles, visit www.walking-fish.org.

We look forward to your participation,