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Costume Instructions:

Option 1:  1920's Gangster or Flapper Girl

Option 2:  Jungle Animal / Safari hunter

Party details:

Date:  Saturday, November 7th

Time:  9:30pm-2:00am

Place:  2744 McDowell Road

We will have a SUPER SPECIAL LIVE BAND from 10:00 to 11:00 so try to make it out early if you can!

DJ for the rest of the time with music varying from the 80s to hip-hop.

There will be jungle juice as the main beverage with beer for games as well.

Please help us out with a $5 donation at the door as jungle juice is much more expensive than beer!

We know you guys are probably gonna be burnt out as far as costumes so just do your best!
 The band P.M.S. (Panda's Mahtza Shoppe) is a cover band comprised of Mike Roth, Kevin Lloyd, Jason Levinn, Nick Davis, Charles Adair and Dan K-D. So come out early and support us and have a great time!!!!!