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This movie is a great way to take a break and relax over the weekend.  It's entertaining and interesting.  Plus there will be food!

Sponsored by: Energy Club, Student Council, DUGI & the Green Building Study Group.

Summary: "Greening of Southie" Movie Screening
Time: Saturday, 14th at 4pm.
Change of Location! Will be shown at LSRC- A247
Description: The story of Boston's first LEED-certified residential green building, and the people who made it possible. (72 minutes)

In the traditionally Irish-American working-class neighborhood of South Boston, MA, a new kind of building has taken shape. From wheatboard cabinetry to
recycled steel, bamboo flooring to dual-flush toilets, the Macallen building is
something different: a leader in the emerging field of environmentally friendly

But Boston's steel-toed union workers aren't sure they like it. And when things on the building start to go wrong, the young developer has to keep the project from unraveling.

Building Boston's first LEED Gold-certified building turns out to be harder than anyone thought. Yet among the I-beams and brickwork emerges a small cadre of
unlikely environmentalists who come to connect their work with the future of their children

Created by the co-producers and stars of King Corn Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis.

Link: http://www.greeningofsouthie.com/

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