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Check out the postdoc opportunity (https://postdoc.duke.edu/node/2373) below forwarded by Ashlee Valente, a CBB Alum (Graduated 2014)
Are there any CBB students graduating in the very near future who might be interested in a postdoc in CAGPM? It would be a lot of clinically relevant data analysis and some statistical modeling under the advisement of a new faculty member in ECE, Ricardo Henao. It should pay pretty well for a post doc (link below). If anyone wants more details they can feel free to contact me.
Ashlee Valente
Department: Duke Center for Applied Genomics & Precision Medicine, DOM
Job Description: 

The postdoctoral position will reside in the Duke Center for Applied Genomics & Precision Medicine within the Department of Medicine, under primary supervision by Dr Ricardo Henao and co-mentorship by Dr Ricardo Henao and Dr Geoffrey Ginsburg. The qualified candidate will work within applied genomic medicine programs focusing on development of novel statistical models and analytical methods from high-dimensional genomic and clinical datasets, including (RNA) sequencing data, microarray data, multiplex PCR data or other complex ‘omic’ datasets. The work may also extend to text mining and pathways analysis. This position is available for immediate hire with a 2 year term and opportunity for additional annual renewal contingent on performance and funding availability.   Additional Scope: The candidate will be expected to develop novel statistical and machine learning methodologies tailored to utilize the data generated by the Ginsburg lab and to address medical / translational problems. It is anticipated that there will be a wide variety of statistical and machine learning methodologies that are relevant to these problems. The candidate will need to be able to remain current in the literature in these fields and it is expected that s/he will spend at least 50% time researching and developing novel analysis methodologies. Remaining effort will be spent in collaborative work with physicians and biologists within the applied genomic medicine programs supporting refinement and interpretation of analytical results from biological and clinical studies and activities destined for publication. The candidate is expected to develop research results into quality manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals, and for presentation at relevant scientific meetings or conferences.  The candidate is expected to participate in regular group or project team meetings, and present and discuss research results as necessary. The successful candidate will be an integral member of any team of investigators working on the genomics project(s) from which the data is derived.

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