Communication Plan

StakeholderMessage TypeType of InformationCommunicatorScheduleDelivery MethodStatusComment
Who will you communicate to?What is the topic of the message?General project information, more detailed project information, status report for management, communicate to steering group, team meetingWho will the communication be from?When will it happen and how often?How will the communication be deliveredWhat is the status?Other important information
All library staffProject Updates - Open ForumGeneral project information 
monthlyIn person

All library staffFirst Wednesdaymore detailed project information
quarterlyIn person

All library staffNewsletterGeneral project information 
monthlyemail with link to WP site

All library staffFOLIO Forumsmore detailed project information
quarterlyIn person

Data Retreat

DST Leadership Team

LSPSGproject planning


Communication Log

StakeholderMessage TypeType of InformationCommunicatorDate SharedDelivery MethodStatusDocument or Presentation SharedComment

All library staff in attendanceintroduce BAs, what they'll do, core values of project, newslettergeneral project informationKaren1/24/2019Open Forumcomplete
Newsletter V1 I15 everyone listsblog postgeneral project infoKaren1/24/2019Open Forum/Emailcomplete
Newsletter V1 I26 everyone listsblog postgeneral project infoKaren2/28/2019Open Forum/Emailcomplete
Newsletter V1 I35 everyone listsblog postgeneral project infoKaren3/29/19Open Forum/Emailcomplete
Library Director's LunchLibrary Directorsdiscuss what BAs are doing, how much time it will take staff, beginning work on local instancegeneral project infoKaren3/11/2019Face2Facecomplete

Helen XuFOLIO project update and plangeneral project infoKaren4/8/19Face2Facecomplete

Newsletter V1 I45 everyone listsblog post
I'll take FOLIO for $1000, Alex5 everyone listsblog postFolio Fun Fact - Emma Boettcher is a FOLIO product owner!Karen7/1/19Emailcomplete
Brief Guide to FOLIO appsAll library staffblog postlist of FOLIO apps and what they doErin7/31/10Email to CAST and included in FOLIO Forum emailcomplete
Duke Folio ForumAll library staffInformation about FOLIO the larger project, Duke's implementation, screen shots and a live demopresentations on the history of Duke's involvement with the FOLIO project, overview of how the project is managed at the FOLIO level, over view of the Duke implementation and prospective timeline, lightning talks: Metadata Management, Resource Access, Resource Management.Dracine, Laura, Karen, Jacquie, Jackie, Julie, Virginia, Andrea, Erin8/12/19In-person/Email summary + Slidescomplete
Newsletter V1 I55 everyone listsblog postNovember Duke FOLIO Forum save the date, Steering Group recommendation to Executive Group to implement FOLIO ERM-focused apps Summer 2019, overview of timeline brainstorming session, ERM-Focused Apps overview slides, Aleph update coming, FOLIO Forum, Acquisitions apps, Bee Breath in Yoga.Karen9/5/19Emailcomplete
Newsletter V1 I65 everyone listsblog postSteering Group Update, link to Folio Forum on User Experience, Bee Facts
Duke Folio Forum5 everyone listsInformation about FOLIO the larger project, Duke's implementation, and overview of three special interest groupsInternational project update, lightning talks: Reporting, User Management, Data Migration (sub group of the System Operations SIG). Local implementation update - teams forming and how they'll work together, proposed timeline for ERM go-live in 2020 and for full implementation go-live in 2021.Dracine, Karen, Erin, Angela, Matt11/20/19In-person/Wordpress summary + Slides (NetID required to view)

Library Director's LunchLibrary Directors
Presented Karen's local implementation slides from Duke Folio Forum. Talked about team membership.Tim/Karen11/20/19In Person/Slides

Teams Kickoff MeetingMembers of the FOLIO implementation teams and working groupsInformation on how the teams will interact, the responsibilities of the different roles on the teams and expected team behaviors and normsteam specific project informationKaren01/08/2020In Person/Slides/Teams breakout session

Newsletter V2 I15 everyone listsblog postSteering Group Update, WOLFcon retrospective, video from the first WOLFcon plenary session, Information about the flower, EdelweissKaren

Posted 2/3/2020

Shared 2/19/2020
Duke Folio Forumall library staffInformation about FOLIO the larger project and Duke's implementationUpdate on the release of Edelweiss, WOLFcon, Index Data agreement finalized and announced, local implementation timeline, walk through of the FOLIO project space on the Duke Wiki.Karen/Erin

2/19/20 10-11:30

In Person/Slides

Duke Folio Forum


9:30 -11:00

Perkins 217

In Person/Slides

Newsletter V2 I25 everyone listsblog postERM apps in production, local project update, video link to LDP demoKaren10/5/2020
Newsletter V2 I35 everyone listsblog post
Director's Meeting

Karen, Julie, Angela2/12/2021In Person/Slides
See Open Forum Slides from 2/25/2021
Admin Council

Karen, Angela, Julie2/17/2021In Person/Slides
See Open Forum Slides from 2/25/2021
Open Forum

Julie, Karen2/25/2021Open Forum

Blog Post5 everyone listsblog post
Newsletter V3 I15 everyone listsblog post
Newsletter V3 I25 everyone listsblog post
Erin, Karen9/14/2021
Newsletter V3 I35 everyone listsblog post

Newsletter V4 I15 everyone listsblog postLocal project updates, firm go-live date set, new project manager, international project updates, opportunity to join quarterly community update meeting, make your own honey cough drops.Karen2/9/2022
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