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I have an unused National Parks annual pass for sale.  I'm asking $40 OBO (its normally $80).  The pass is good at ALL National parks AND National recreation areas, and is valid through May 2011.  E-mail nad11@duke.edu if interested.

Walking Fish and DukeFish are excited to welcome Niaz Dorry, coordinating director of NAMA and a Time Mag Hero for the Planet, to Durham for a talk this Thursday October 14th in Love Auditorium at 7pm.

In her talk, Dorry will explain why enacting and enforcing new policies that advance the rights and ecological benefits of small-scale local fishing communities, and give more control to local fishermen, is essential for protecting global marine biodiversity.

She will draw comparisons with U.S. farm policies, which, she says, have promoted the emergence of large-scale factory farming that is driving many family farmers out of business, degrading the environment, threatening the security of the nation's land-based food systems, and sapping the vitality of farming communities.

Please join us, refreshments and discussion to follow!


 I will be traveling to RDU from ~campus on Friday (10/8) at 3:20 pm. I will be returning to campus area on Tuesday (10/12) around 11:30 pm. Is anyone else coming/going at these times and would like to share a ride? Let me know, thanks. Apj5@duke.edu


Greening Campout 2010

This year, Duke University Greening Initiative and GPSC are participating with Sustainable Duke to green Campout! You will notice the following changes and activities at Campout this year:

*Waste-free lunch at Campout (we plan to compost and recycle >95% of our waste) on Saturday, October 2nd around 12:30 pm

*Recycling shoot-out contest with prizes! Save your beer cans...Saturday afternoon event

*Painting Campout Green T-shirts for volunteers at waste-free event and trash/recycling shift volunteers.

To volunteer for the waste-free lunch or recycling shoot-out, visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MKGBJTN. To volunteer for trash/recycling shifts, visit the Registration tent after the first check at Campout.Volunteers will get an hour where they can leave Campout to go shower or do whatever they want to do!!

Bleed Blue.
Live Green. Go Duke!

Posted on behalf of a colleague.  Position is based in the UK, with field work in Nigeria.

If you have questions about the supervisor, the research station or the university, please feel free to contact me at anna.mcgregor@duke.edu.



> "2 PhD positions available studying the ecology of Palearctic migrant birds
> wintering in West Africa (1/4/11 - 30/9/14)
> Two 3.5 year PhD studentships with Dr Will Cresswell (St. Andrews
> University) on the conservation ecology of Palearctic migrants that winter
> in West Africa are available. The studentships are based at St. Andrews but
> will involve around 20 months of fieldwork in West Africa over the three
> years. Fieldwork will be based at the AP Leventis Ornithological Research
> Institute (APLORI) at Jos, Nigeria but will involve a large amount of travel
> in Nigeria and likely Niger. The studentships at St. Andrews are fully
> funded by the A.P. Leventis Conservation Foundation with living allowances
> equivalent to UK government funded studentships. Flights to Nigeria,
> fieldwork costs, accommodation in Nigeria and logistical support will be
> provided in addition.
> The studentships are open to EU citizens and are particularly suitable for
> experienced birders with experience of working alone in difficult
> conditions. Non-EU students are eligible to apply but will have to fund the
> difference in fees (as an international student at St Andrews) themselves.
> The PhDs will start April 1st 2011 with fieldwork commencing August 2011.
> The PhDs are funded until September 30th 2014.
> The two students will work together for logistical and safety reasons, but
> will carry out separate yet complementary projects, the exact details of
> both, and the division between the students, to be developed by the students
> and Will Cresswell during the first year (but see the general outline
> below). The students need to be self reliant and experienced field workers,
> with bird identification, survey and ringing experience essential. Most
> importantly students need to be highly motivated and able to deal with
> difficult field conditions and logistical hurdles with patience and good
> humour and a certainty that whatever, the project will go on and be
> successful, because they will make what is necessary happen.
> The projects aims are:
> 1.To map the north-south distribution, and overwintering habitat
> requirements of a range of Palearctic migrant species (e.g. Common
> Whitethroat, Common Redstart, Tree Pipit, Northern Wheatear, Woodchat
> Shrike, Subalpine Warbler), and how these vary between and within wintering
> seasons.
> 2.To determine which areas and habitats are used for post- and
> premigratory fattening
> 3.To determine degree of residency of individuals in their wintering
> grounds and to relate this to environmental variation.
> 4.To determine how body condition varies between wintering habitats of
> focal species as a means of determining habitat quality.
> Please send a CV and a covering email to Will Cresswell wrlc@st-and.ac.uk in
> the first instance who will advise immediately on initial suitability and
> whether a full application is worth pursuing. Please do this by 20th October
> 2010"
> Please encourage anyone interested to email me wrlc@st-and.ac.uk so we can
> arrange to chat informally about the opportunity.

First meeting of 2010-11

Our first meeting of the 2010-11 school year will be held Wednesday, September 8th, at 6pm in LSRC Room A158. If you have an interest in discussing and/or working toward more sustainable practices at Duke, then this is the group for you!
 Proposed Agenda:

1)      Introduction/history of DUGI

2)      Current officers:

-          Co-Presidents:  Timothy Brown & Katharine Grant

-          Financial Officer:  David Gordon

3)      Available positions:

-          Vice President - liaise with campus sustainability groups, assist co-presidents with duties

-          Secretary - maintain meeting minutes, organize annual DUGI newsletter

4)      Campus sustainability groups

5)      Current DUGI projects:

-          Greening GPSC basketball Campout 2010 (in collaboration with GPSC green team and Campout committee)

-          Green Purchasing

-          Energy (sub-metering project)


My name is Brian, and I have one of the textbooks for EOS 211 for sale. The info is below. I bought the book when I took the course last year, but dropped the course, and didn't return the book to the bookstore in time. It is in perfect condition. The price is $80, and you get it hand delivered at the LSRC this week. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, my email is brian.keaveny@gmail.com


by Dennis L. Hartmann

Hardcover: 411 pages

ISBN-10: 0123285305

-Found online-thanks
Trying not to spend $85 at the bookstore- $50ish range anyone?


email mjb58 at duke 

Cap, Gown & Hood $25

Nicholas School cap & gown with hood for sale for $25.  Fits best if you're 5'6"-5'8".  Used only once in May '10, and original price was $40+. 

Email me (Allison) if you'd like to buy it:  saherren at hotmail.com




The book has been sold.

Furniture, etc. for sale

Hey everyone,

I'm moving out August 31st and am selling the following items: 

Dishware, silverware, glasses, serving bowls, saucepan, cheese grater, etc. --misc cheap prices

Desk chair: black with rollers. $5

Antique dining room table: Passed down from my grandmother. 29"h x 42"w x 30" d. $60

Vacuum cleaner: Riccar 500, $15.

lamp - $5

2 small shelving units - $5 each

Bicycle pump--$5

Please contact me if you'd like to come by and check it out....I'm near Rosehill and Knox in Old West Durham. 

Thank you,

FREE desk and chair

We have an extra desk and office chair in our house. The chair back is kind of broken, but the desk is in great condition. Email lac39 if you're interested. I can send you photos and more info. Thanks. Lauren

Contact:Tina Travis at Errand Girl of Durham.  This is my neighbor who started this service in 2009 after being laid off. 


Last spring a Nicholas School student without a car told me that she had an interview in Raleigh. I asked her how she would get there and was told she planned to take a cab.  I was concerned as I knew it would be very expensive.  I put her in contact with Tina at Errand Girl. The student thanked me so much for the suggestion.  She said that after the interview Tina had water and a snack waiting for her. (smile)

Tina is safe and reliable.



First year ESC/MF here, traveling from Alaska to Durham for the fall semester! I'll be driving from Jasper, AB (Canada) to Durham, NC from 8/14 to 8/18. I have space for one person and some luggage. If you'd like a ride to Durham and live somewhat along the way (route is flexible +/- a couple hours), let me know! I'm just looking for some company and someone to go 50/50 on gas. Driving is optional. I'm currently planning to camp for all but one night (motel shower on 8/15 or 8/16), and have an extra tent and crash pad if you don't have one. Lemme know!