Duke's Research Computing Advisory Council

I. Purpose

The purpose of the Duke University Research Computing Advisory Council (RCAC) is to support the research mission of the University by providing faculty governance and oversight of core infrastructure and staff for enhanced support of research computing. Toward that end it will:

II. Membership

Individual committee members will be chosen for their knowledge and understanding of contemporary and emerging research computing technology and demands; the strategic planning process; the university's mission for outstanding research; the broad spectrum of research computing needs and interests within the university community; and the need for effective stewardship of scarce resources. RCAC will include faculty members and staff, identified as follows:

Expectations: RCAC is expected to meet at least twice per semester.

Current Members

Alvin R. Lebeck (chair)
Rachael Brady
Jeff Chase
Craig Henriquez
Kieran Healy
Timothy Lenoir
Francois Lutzoni
Uwe Ohler
Jane Richardson
Robert Wolpert
Jim Siedow (ex-officio)
Julian Lombardi (ex-officio)
John Pormann (ex-officio)
Molly Tamarkin (ex-officio)