Grey Devils


2009-2010 Directors:  Cullen Morris & Allison Herren

2008-2009 Directors:  David Anderson & Catherine Campbell

2007-2008 Directors & Founders:  Ian Varley & Beth Pike

Description and Mission

The GreyDevils was founded by Ian "Chief Greybeard" Varley and Beth "High Priestess" Pike in 2007, when they each came to the realization that their life journey had traversed vast expanses which had imparted upon them knowedge and wisdom that only comes with age and experience.  Additionally, they had begun to realize that their cigarettes had become damp.

Motivated by their collective higher consciousness (and undaunted by the moisture), they sought to find others like them -- others whose life experiences had given them a more mature view of the world.  In the absence of that, they simply wanted to bring together individuals who, through no fault of their own, found themselves returning to academia much later than they ever anticipated.

Main Activities

The GreyDevils is the social group for the 30+ (or thereabouts) crowd.  We try to get together a couple of times a semester for drinks, maybe a potluck, and some adult-ish conversation.  We often start at an earlier hour than the younger crowd, but unfortunately often keep going just as late.  We're still an "unofficial" group, without a budget, a charter, or actual recognition from the administration.  Many of us have families, a mortgages, significant work experience, and vivid memories of the '80's.

Though noone is quite sure of the exact requirements for GreyDevils membership, the rules committee seems to have settled on the following criteria:

  1. Achievement of one's 30th birthday, OR
  2. Marriage, OR
  3. Home ownership, OR
  4. Knowing someone who meets the above criteria.

Documents and Links

The GreyDevils have a listserv.  You may sign up for the list here:

Very little traffic comes across this list, and it's primarily intended to announce upcoming GreyDevil events.