Environmental Markets Student Group

Current Officers

Presidents: Martin Romero-wolf; Wyley Hodgson 

Symposium Coordinators: Abbie Turiansky, Courtney Shepard, Roberto Jimenez, Andrea Martin, David Gordon, Robert Zuehlke

Speaker Series Coordinator: Joseph Jakuta

DC Trip Coordinators: Sangeeta Ballal, Clare Fieseler

Description and Mission

The Environmental Markets Student Group at Duke is a dynamic organization that brings together professional students from across all disciplines interested in learning how to harness the power of capital markets for the benefit of the environment.

Main Activities


EMSG puts on a symposium each year. Last year, the symposium focused on carbon offsets ([www.dukecarbonconference.com|http://www.dukecarbonconference.com]http://www.dukecarbonconference.com).  This year, the symposium discussed various market-based incentives to preserve biodiversity (www.dukebiodiversityconference.com). We've had a great diversity of speakers at these events and have made some great contacts, including folks at the Climate Action Reserve, US EPA, Smithsonian, The Nature Conservancy, and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

 Speaker Series:

 EMSG also holds a speakers series, which gathers speakers from a variety of organizations (EDF, WRI, NC State) to address topics from emissions trading to bee pollination markets. 

 DC Trip:

 This year, we organized a networking trip to DC and met with representatives at USAID, the USDA Office of Ecosystem Services and Markets, Forest Trends, and WRI. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet some great contacts and learn about what's out there after graduation. We also held an event with the DC Nicholas School alum, who are great resources as well!


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