ENV 301 Courses


ENV 301 is a "catch-all" course number for a number of graduate-level experiential courses, practica, and seminars.  The courses listed under ENV 301 do not constitute an organized series -- they are merely grouped together for administrative convenience (similar to ENV 298 courses).

Students learn and pratice specific skills in these classes, either in the field (e.g. Duke Forest Practicum) or in the classroom (e.g. Art of Communicating Science).  These course offerings vary year to year, and thus do not have permanently assigned course numbers.  Go back to the ENV course listing to find descriptions for each ENV 301 course. 

Graduate students who are interested in organizing new, accredited seminars -- particularly ones with practical skills training -- should probably apply to add their course under ENV 301. 

Undergraduates cannot register for 301 courses.