ENV 398 Courses


ENV 298 is a "catch-all" course number for a number of graduate-level academic courses and discussion seminars.  The courses listed under ENV 298 do not constitute an organized series -- they are merely grouped together for administrative convenience (similar to ENV 301 courses).

ENV 298 classes range from Pass/Fail seminars (e.g. Spirituality and Ecology; Ecosystem Services in Practice) to graded, 3-unit "regular" classes (e.g. Forestry Economics). These course offerings vary year to year, and thus do not have permanently assigned course numbers.  Go back to the ENV course listing to find descriptions for each ENV 298 course. 

Graduate students who are interested in organizing new, accredited courses -- particularly if they are detailed surveys of a particular scientific or management topic -- may be able to add their course under ENV 98. 

Undergraduates can register for 298 courses, with instructor permission.