(First Years:  If you are interested in buying a yearbook to remember all us geezers, please RSVP or send questions to this address, so we can gauge demand.)


To the graduating MEM class of 2009 (and all those who entered in Fall'07/Spring'08):

Alas!, the cosmic forces that brought us all together at Duke University for these 21 months are about to propel us to all corners of the globe. A few of your MEM colleagues are aspiring to immortalize our common experience at the Nicholas School of the Environment with the 2009 Master of Environment Management Yearbook! While the wheels of creativity are already turning, the time has come to solicit valuable input from our peers.

For the yearbook to be representative, we need PARTICIPATION from everyone. (That means YOU!) We are asking everyone to complete the electronic survey below detailing personal information, nominations for superlatives and personal quotes as well as sending us a recent photo to include in each person's profile section.

A sense of humor is required for this exercise, and it should take 15-20 minutes of your time for a lifetime of memories! And while some of the content is divine, as typical of most yearbooks, it can get downright corny, but your cooperation is appreciated nonetheless. We would like to profile every member of our class, and examples and a mock layout of the profile section is included in the attached PDF. Please be creative when inventing your own profile!  We welcome any assistance, comments or suggestions as we move forward with this process!

Ok, so now you're interested, but wondering what exactly do you have to do???

Follow this checklist:

  1. Email a recent photo of yourself to memyearbook@gmail.com or upload it at the Nickpedia share site:
  2. Complete the online survey about personal information, nominations for superlatives, and quotes.
  3. And if you want to go the extra mile:  Volunteer to do a photo collage or contribute photos of your student group, Green Devils team, or academic exploits (forest management, wetlands field trips, western field trip, energy smooze fests in San Fran and Houston).

You can expect reminder emails. Personal reminder phone calls may be made.
Random house visits could occur in drastic measures.


We will be taking orders for yearbooks next week (expected costs $7-10) and will distribute them at graduation (so we can have yearbook signing frenzy post-graduation ceremony!).

A very sincere thank you,

The Yearbook Committee