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NC State Stream Restoration Program

1. Technical Resources:
2. Handbook:
1. SRI - SR guidebook.pdf (this guidebook is available at link above - a very thorough resource for assessing a stream and considering restoration design options)

General Resources

Synthesis of Stream Restoration.pdf Metastudy of stream restoration efforts around the US. Concludes that post-construction stream monitoring is crucial yet underutilized. (AN)

SE Stream Restoration Study.pdf Study of stream restoration practices on the Southeast US. Notes that the holistic incorporation of the larger watershed's restoration is an important element of successful stream redevelopment. (AN)

NC Stream Restoration Case Studies.pdf Case studies of other heavily-incised streams in rural NC that have been restored. (AN)

More NC Stream Restoration Case Studies.pdf Variation from the same author (GD Jennings) on the above article. Still good reading. (AN)

NRCS website: The webpage includes NRCS policy and guidance docs, useful links, tech notes, fact sheets, DWG concept designs of treatment practices (structural and bioengineering), and training opportunities. (JS)

Stream Hydrology, Morphology & Classification

Hydraulic Habitat Composition in NC Streams.pdf Comparison of hydraulic environment for two urban and rural streams in the Piedmont and their effect on water flow metrics. (AN)

Hydraulic Geometry for Piedmont Streams.pdf Study of hydraulic geometry (bankfull stream dimensios requirements to watershed drainage area) for streams in both urban and rural areas of the NC Piedmont. (AN)

Applied River Morphology by Rosgen, David L. (Pagosa Springs, Colo. : Wildland Hydrology, c1996.) (Textbook - available in Perkins) (JS) Rosgen's primary text for assessing and classifying streams for restoration efforts.

Application of the Rosgen stream classification system to North Carolina microform by Harman, William A. (Raleigh, N.C. : N.C. Cooperative Extension Service, 1999) (available in library) (JS) This is an extension of Rosgen's text for looking at NC streams, as stream classfication standards are most accurate/consistent within a given regional extent (i.e. don't use New Mexico river standards for NC)

Applied Fluvial Geomorphology for River Engineering and Management by Thorne, Hey & Newson (Textbook) (JS)

Stream History

Stream Land Use.pdf Impact of previous land use on stream restoration designs. Concludes that the 1950-era land use in watershed area is more important than 1980-1990 land usage. (AN)

Ecological Considerations

Bernhardt_and_Palmer_2007_FB.pdf Bernhardt, E. S., and M. A. Palmer (2007), Restoring streams in an urbanizing world, Freshwater Biology, 52(4), 738-751. Very useful article for considering overall potential for stream restoration in an urbanized setting and what the goals of our project are. (JS)

Palmer, M. A., et al. (2005), Standards for Ecologically Successful River Restoration Journal of Applied Ecology, 42, 208-217. Offers 5 standards for ecologically successful restoration (ecological meaning biological, hydrological and geomorphological). We should use this in thinking about our overall ecological goals of our restoration efforts (JS)

Restoration Design

Geomorphological Approach to Stream Restoration--Rosgen.pdf Rosgen on influence of stream characterization (reference reaches) on reconstruction options. Examples are included. (AN)

Pools Ripples and Channelization.pdf Discusses the positive impact of pools and riffles on the design of restored streams, with a stream near Charlotte as the example. (AN)

Riparian Design.pdf The role of riparian vegetation buffers in stream restoration. (AN)

Recommend Plants for Stream Restoration.pdf Recommended plants for NC streams! Should be helpful. (AN)

River Channel Restoration by Andrew Brookes, F. Douglas Shields Jr. (Textbook) (JS)