Get to know the previous research of the Nunn lab.  To start, focus on areas of interest; then, expand to other areas that are active in the lab.  This will help set the stage for you to do the most cutting-edge research that builds on our previous findings and to support others in their research.

The Nunn Lab website is a good first step, which will also help you get to know the current lab members.  We also have a set of web pages describing the project in Madagascar.  

The Nunn Lab conducts research in Evolutionary Medicine and is closely aligned with the Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine (TriCEM).  Charlie is the director of TriCEM.  You may find it helpful to get to know TriCEM, and to sign up for the TriCEM listserv.  

Google Scholar provides an easy way to look up specific lab members, and then to find links to their previously published resources.  For example, here is a link to Charlie's Google Scholar page.  When working with a mentor, this should be one of your first steps in getting to know their research background.

When learning about a new field (or advances on the work we have done), you can also find papers that cite the original paper.  In Google Scholar, for example, click on "Cited by" links to learn about more recent papers.

Reviews and books are also helpful.  These two books by Charlie will help you understand broader perspectives on parasitism, epidemiology, primate socioecology, and comparative biology:

A variety of other Nunn Lab resources are available online, such as 10kTrees, the Global Mammal Parasite Database, and Phylogenetic Targeting.