Contributed by Meredith Spence Beaulieu:

Applying for Fellowships

Applying for a fellowship is likely something you will encounter as a graduate student. This of course is a way to procure funding to support your research during your graduate career, but it is also a great professional development opportunity. If you don’t have experience in grant writing, the process can seem quite daunting. This list of tips is intended to give some insight into what makes a successful fellowship application, but also utilize the advice of those around you (both peers and mentors), as each person is likely to have their own fellowship writing style and there is not a single formula for success.

General writing advice:

Fellowship-specific writing advice:

Technical advice:

In general, fellowships are extremely competitive. The people that get funded certainly submit good proposals, but so do a lot of other people that don’t end up getting funded. In my opinion, a lot of it is the luck of finding an advocate on your review panel. Write the best and most interesting proposal you can, and hope that one person really enjoys it.