News and Announcements

DEFEAT MASS EMAIL CLUTTER!  Use the News and Announcements page to post student group events, job opportunities, questions, lost items, socials, public interest items, or whatever!


  1. Log-in.  On any Nickipedia page, click on Add News at the upper right hand corner of the page.
  2. You are now in the New News Post page.  Type in a post title and enter your content.
  3. You must add labels to your news post OR ELSE it won't show up on the right lists.   Scroll down past the edit box, and you'll see a little "LABELS" sign with "Edit" next to it.  Click Edit.  Label your post with the short name of your organization, and a category.  Example labels include: free-food, lost-and-found, FOREM, job-posting, SAWS, Coastal-Society, socials.
  4. Click Save, and you are done!

Remember, do not post full email addresses or phone numbers - either just post your net-id or hyperlink your address.
Don't forget to also post the event on the Nickipedia Calendar!

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(don't deny it... you know where your priorities are. it's all in the name of resource efficiency!)

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