Beaufort BIOLOGY Courses

Upon navigating to some of these links, you may find that the names of some courses listed on their individual pages are different from those listed here. Do not fear. Some of the names of the classes were altered to accommodate uniform headers on the individual pages. Go by the class number and you will be fine.

List of Courses

  • 10L. Marine Biology
  • 109. Conservation Biology and Policy
  • 114L. Biological Oceanography
  • 116. Fundamentals of Ecology and Evolution
  • 118. Principles of Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • 123. Analysis of Ocean Ecosystems
  • 125. Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles
  • 125L. Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles
  • 126. Marine Mammals
  • 126L. Marine Mammals
  • 127. Marine Megafauna
  • 129L. Marine Ecology
  • 150L. Physiology of Marine Animals
  • 155L. Biochemistry of Marine Animals
  • 156L. Sensory Physiology and Behavior of Marine Animals
  • 176AL. Marine Invertebrate Zoology
  • 178L. Marine Ichthyology
  • 188L. Research Methods in Marine Science
  • 190. Research Independent Study
  • 191. Research Independent Study
  • 192. Research Independent Study
  • 193T. Tutorial
  • 197T. Tutorial
  • 203L. Marine Ecology
  • 207AL. Experimental Tropical Marine Ecology
  • 207BL. Marine Ecology of the Pacific Coast of California
  • 207EL. Harmony in Brittany: French Use of Marine Environments.
  • 216. Urban Tropical Ecology
  • 218L. Barrier Island Ecology
  • 252. Marine Conservation Biology
  • 253L. Physiology of Marine Animals
  • 254. Vertebrate and Invertebrate Endocrinology
  • 255L. Biochemistry of Marine Animals
  • 264S. Advanced Topics in Marine Ecology
  • 273S. Current Topics in Environmental Biology
  • 274L. Marine Invertebrate Zoology
  • 295S. Seminar
  • 297. Research Independent Study
  • 298. Research Independent Study
  • 351. Tutorial
  • 353. Research

Currently unscheduled

  • 95S.02 Climate Change and Ocean Systems. Sea Monsters and Mermaids in a Warming Ocean: The Science of Climate Change and its Effects on Coastal and Ocean Ecosystems
  • 127L. Behavioral Ecology
  • 130L. Coral Reef Ecology.
  • 132S. Marine Biodiversity
  • 133S. Molecular Approaches to Questions of Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution in the Marine Environment
  • 213L. Behavioral Ecology
  • 219L. Coastal Ecosystem Processes.

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